Hi friend(s),

As you might have noticed or heard, WhatsApp updated their privacy policy. These new terms allow WhatsApp to collect your phone number, your contacts phone numbers, your profile name and pictures, status messages, your online times and diagnostic app data. And this data will be available to Facebook too, since they own WhatsApp. Details are discussed in this article:


For me this is a reason to move away from WhatsApp. So I’m letting you know by this message. I’ll be available on Telegram (https://telegram.org/) and Signal (https://www.signal.org/). Which I recommend as alternatives to WhatsApp. They are both free, have better privacy policies, and are already widely used by many people. For most people, Telegram will probably be the most comfortable alternative, because it is the most similar to WhatsApp. For even more privacy oriented usages, I would recommend Signal.

If you are still wondering why privacy matters, even if “you have nothing to hide”, this little article explains it very well:


Of course you can also reach me by good old text messages, phone, or email ;). I hope to see you on more privacy respecting networks.